Monday, May 23, 2011

Pirates, Lace, and Cars!

Busy weekend this weekend! I traveled back to Tulsa this weekend for Katie and Wes' wedding and grooms cake and little Hunter's 2 year old birthday party. My car was loaded down and I couldn't have done it all with out the help of my mom and dad who were there to provide a house for me to stay in and a kitchen for me to destroy several times! 

The wedding cake was a white cake with raspberry filling, ivory buttercream, and white fondant lace accents. With a few ideas from my mom I even made the cake stand from a candy dish, a wooden plate, edging for a doll house, and pearls from the scrapbook section in hobby lobby. All it took was a little white paint!

The grooms cake is completely made from chocolate cake, fondant and chocolate chips melted down to make the wheels. Chocolate overload! My dad was helpful in lending a man's eye for the car details and last minute finishes! It was pretty humid this weekend in Oklahoma so frankly I was thrilled it made it to the wedding! 

Little hunter had a pirate themed birthday party so his mommy requested this cake and smash cake. I loved this theme and the decorations were sooo cute!


  1. That car cake is rockin! How did you get it so shiny? I love the effect... looks just like a freshly waxed car!

  2. I echo Jenniffer's comments - the car is fabulous! I bet the groom was well pleased with it.

  3. Thank you! The car car was super shiny because of the crazy humidity we have here in OK no matter how hard you try fondant is always very shiny here, lucky for me it worked out well this time!