Monday, May 23, 2011

Pirates, Lace, and Cars!

Busy weekend this weekend! I traveled back to Tulsa this weekend for Katie and Wes' wedding and grooms cake and little Hunter's 2 year old birthday party. My car was loaded down and I couldn't have done it all with out the help of my mom and dad who were there to provide a house for me to stay in and a kitchen for me to destroy several times! 

The wedding cake was a white cake with raspberry filling, ivory buttercream, and white fondant lace accents. With a few ideas from my mom I even made the cake stand from a candy dish, a wooden plate, edging for a doll house, and pearls from the scrapbook section in hobby lobby. All it took was a little white paint!

The grooms cake is completely made from chocolate cake, fondant and chocolate chips melted down to make the wheels. Chocolate overload! My dad was helpful in lending a man's eye for the car details and last minute finishes! It was pretty humid this weekend in Oklahoma so frankly I was thrilled it made it to the wedding! 

Little hunter had a pirate themed birthday party so his mommy requested this cake and smash cake. I loved this theme and the decorations were sooo cute!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vicki and Todd's wedding!

These aren't the greatest photos in the world since I took them from my iphone but I still wanted to share them. The pictures from our camera all came out blurry so hopefully I will be have some from the wedding later. Also please ignore the paper plate holding up the fish tail it was only there for transport and I forgot to take it out for the pic! oops!