Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Grandma!!

My grandmas birthday is the day before Christmas eve so my mom and grandpa asked me to make her Birthday cake and to be honest I was thrilled because I had this idea for this poinsettia cake for a while and and had been hoping for a need for it!

This was my first  attempt at gum paste flowers and I LOVED it, so you will definitely be seeing more! I airbrushed the flowers and used white modeling chocolate and airbrushed it gold for the pot foil, and of course crumbed Oreos for potting soil.

OU themed birthday cake.

I will admit this turned out cute even though I said I would never do a OU cake. :) But I couldn't turn the sweet Austin family down, so I broke down and did it anyway even though I thought my husband, Cason was going to kill me with the dirty looks he kept giving me while in the process of putting it together. And it did relieve a little of the pain knowing half of their family that had to eat the cake are cowboy fans as well! GO POKES!!

Pillow Cakes!

 After one princess pillow cake, they became very popular so I had 2 more for one weekend!

Cambrie had a pajama themed party so I did a pillow and a pair of slippers. The pillow was vanilla with vanilla icing and the slippers were made out of cereal treats.

And Jessie is a little princess so of course she chose the princess theme party with pink purple and silver decorations. the purple pillow was chocolate and the pink was vanilla.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gun Cake!

 This is by far the most manly cake I've ever made and also my first attempt at making and using modeling chocolate. Now I LOVE modeling chocolate it works better for molding because it blends into itself and is even more like play-dough than fondant. I will definitely be practicing and using this again!

The cake is vanilla with vanilla filling and icing and the gun was carved for rice crispy treats and covered in modeling chocolate and painted with edible food gel.

iPhone cake

This was a half vanilla/half chocolate cake for a going away party. I completely for got to take pictures until the very last minute so here is one of the almost finished project and one that Tom so graciously took for me at the actual party.

It turned out cute for as many problems as I had with this one. Being the perfectionist that I am, I measured my actual iPhone then attempted to make a scale model. I had finished about half of the apps while the cake cooled in the freezer when I thought I would see how the placement would look only to realize my math was WAY off! I then added to the sides of the cake with carvings, trimmed down the apps and still struggled with room. O well this is all a learning process right? If it were an easy process I guess everyone would make cakes. I am disappointed though because Math classes were always my strong point, but what can I say it had been a very long week!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane...

Actually it is just a Spiderman, Captain America, and Wolverine birthday cake! For some reason I was moving in slow motion with this cake and it took forever but it turned out to be just like Cohen's mom wanted to it was worth it! He had a superhero themed birthday and dressed as Spiderman. I bet that party was a blast!

Monkey Business...

My mom was helping host a baby shower for friends of ours Megan and Michael who are soon to be parents of baby Mason and they are using a monkey/Ahoy themed nursery so we made this 2 layered cake for the shower. I was getting rather tired and about gave up on doing a 3D monkey so I stopped at the Rice Crispy body and Cason came to my rescue and finished the monkey for me! It just might be a family business after all. Little does he know he did way to good of job now I will be putting him to work all the time!

Painter's Pallett

This cake was for my sis Cayla who is about to graduate from RSU she wanted to do a little surprise party for her favorite art professor Gary and to celebrate graduating. It was by far the least time consuming but turned out pretty cute I thought.

Go Pink Pandas!!

Sweet little Jessica's soccer party was this week so this was their party cake. Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream icing and a fondant covered cake soccer ball.

Monday, November 22, 2010


A HUGE thank you to my wonderful sister-in-law, Cayla who redesigned my blog and made me matching business cards for my birthday!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and I hope you all do too!

Cartoon Corvette...


It is far from perfect!

With very limited time and Cason's help we made this cartoon version of my father-in-law's Corvette I know all of the car guys out there might not approve and I know it's far from a scale version but it was my first attempt at a car and I can only get better from here, right?!? Either way it was also my first cake that I witnessed the cutting/eating of and I thought it would be hard to see my work demolished but it tasted great so I didn't mind so much.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall Fun!

I LOVE fall, so I could not wait to get to work on this topsy turvy fall leaf cake! Jamie's husband contacted me to do this cake for her 28th birthday. It was vanilla with vanilla frosting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!

I even put Cason to work on this one, he helped me vein the leaves and he did an amazing job!

Well Hello Princess!!

This cake was a lot of fun! It was a birthday cake for a girl who is a real live Cinderella and has even done an internship for Disney. My original intent was to put a glass slipper on top of the pillow instead of the tiara but having not ever used isomalt I did not attempt due to time restraint. I think it turned out pretty cute anyway. The top pillow was chocolate and the bottom pillow vanilla.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This cake was for sweet little Katelyn's 2nd birthday! I just love Minnie Mouse so this was lots of fun! This cake was also vanilla cake but I died batter pink so when they cut into it will be a fun surprise! Happy Birthday Katelyn!
These letters are reason enough to get a cricut cake!

Baby Bird baby shower cake

This cake was modeled after an invitation sent to me. It is vanilla with vanilla frosting. This is the invite, I could not wait to do this cake after I saw this invitation it is soo cute.
Great Job Kim you put on a beautiful shower!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The baby bump cake...

This cake was lots of fun! Ariana is the soon to be mommy of sweet baby Carter and a friend of hers contacted me to do this cake for her shower so we did this turquoise and brown zebra print theme and a few cupcakes  to make sure we had enough for all of the guests.

Soon to Be Mr. and Mrs.!!

This cute little cake was done for Bailey a long time family friend of mine. She wanted to do something special for her brother and his bride to be for their rehearsal dinner. I thought this was very sweet being a newly wed myself, it is hard to enjoy your actual wedding cake so hopefully they got to at least enjoy a bite or two of this one!
We did the color theme of their wedding and a mini dress made out of cereal treats with a tuxedo front on the round cake half chocolate, half vanilla.

For everyone else at the dinner we did cupcakes.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cricut cake!

Michael's has Cricut Cake on sale this week for only $149 normally$399! So I broke down and bought one. This means this weekend my cakes might go even faster! Well, let's hope so anyway I am still learning the machine but this way I can have some practice I am planning on doing a birthday cake for cutie pie Katelyn and a baby shower cake for my brother-in-law's sister Kim. I am very excited about both! Wish me luck!

3 Cakes, ONE weekend!

This was a BIG weekend for me. I attempted my very first topsy turvy cake, one birthday cake, and a very fun owl baby shower cake.

This one I did for a friend of a friend's birthday party. It was tons of fun! I got to use my own designs on this one too! She said black and white and modern and I could do whatever I wanted after that. Thank you Rachel!

I did layers of chocolate and vanilla cake to stay with the black and white theme. then used a stencil to airbrush on the top layer design, quilted a pattern an the second tier and added some pearls for sophistication, then simple fondant circles for the pattern on the bottom tier.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPERMAN!!
My dad's coworker wanted a superman cake for her grandson and his friends birthday.
It is a marble cake with chocolate icing. fondant covered and decorated with a buttercream border for the cloud effect.

This one is definitely my favorite cake so far! This one was also for Rachel who had a busy weekend too with the birthday party and hosting a baby shower which is what this owl cake was for. the baby shower was a bird nest themed shower with this green and creme color and the mommy to be is using owl bedding so this is what I came up with!

I created a cereal treat owl covered in chocolate icing and decorated him with fondant cut outs, almond slices for his belly and M&M's for his eyeball. I dipped some pretzels in chocolate for the nest look and covered the rest in fondant to complete the look. It was surprisingly sturdy and edible!

Tom and Jerry

This one was a little scary due to Tom and Jerry being so Iconic.
I did a chocolate and vanilla marbled cake with chocolate filling and icing. I covered it in fondant and then layered the colored fondant pieces to create Tom, Jerry, and the lettering. I then used black edible coloring gel to trace the images with a paint brush to help them stand out.

A little risky...

After one more cake exactly like the wedding dress and bridesmaid cakes, I thought I would take a huge risk and take on this baby giraffe cake for a coworker who was hosting a baby shower. I think this cake was when I fell in love with cake decorating.

I love getting free reign on a cake like I did on this one. Katie told me pink,  brown, and giraffe print, the rest was up to me. The mommy to be craved chocolate and raspberries all throughout the pregnancy so we did a chocolate fudge cake with a raspberry filling and chocolate icing on the bottom tier and a vanilla with vanilla filling and icing for the second tier. The baby giraffe was made from cereal treats then covering each layer in fondant making the entire cake edible!

My very first post!

O this is very exciting! Bear with me because I am brand new to blogging I have only so much as read a few here and there. But I am more than willing to give it a shot! I guess we will start with my very first decorated cake...

This cake was done for a long time friend of mine, Bonnie's wedding shower. I used fondant to cover vanilla frosted "funfetti" cake. It turned out pretty we considering I had never attempted anything beyond a box mix 13x9 sheet cake.