Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cake catastrophe!

I had my very first cake catastrophe this past weekend. I thought it would never happen to ME but needless to say I am not above the cake gods. It all started with this beautifully stacked, great angled cake that I finished about 3 o'clock in the morning on Friday. Then Saturday morning rolled around and I got up with plenty of time to spare, so I thought, to put on some final touches to this candy cake and the book cake you'll see. So proud that I had done so well with not leaving too much to do the morning of, I started to mix some royal icing when I looked over and noticed the top of layer of this cake missing. Panic set in and I ran around to see it and a million jelly beans all over the dining room floor. LOVELY! Luckily I had made a smash cake since it was a 1st birthday cake so I used that cake as the top layer and popped another smash cake in the oven . So I know this cake is a little saggy but I did what I could to salvage and it made it to the party on time! I learned a good lesson though and will not stack another cake, especially not a topsy turvy cake the night before. Also that frozen cakes settle and I should let them thaw.

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